Why Vegan ?

It all started when my stomach was always aching and a feeling of depression was weighing me down that I decided switching to vegan was an option I should try. I did it for one month and then felt better but was not ready to make it into a lifestyle.

Then five months later I took the leap and did not quit. I had to change my diet. I always had an upset stomach and not enough energy. Also, another point that needs to be made, I stopped eating red meat ten years prior and was only eating chicken and turkey at this point so I had a head start you could say. It’s hard to give up meat, but then to give up dairy, eggs, and anything from an animal eliminates all of my favorite foods!

The mindset that I went into becoming vegan was not giving up but choosing to eat this way for my body, mind and soul. People will always say how do you do it? Aren’t you bored?  You cannot eat anything! But in reality I feel so much better so it was worth it to me. 

During quarantine I was cooking vegan meals every night and my husband also became vegan because that’s all I was cooking and purchasing. We did not gain any weight while being indoors during quarantine, but instead lost weight because the vegan lifestyle does eliminate many types of foods and snacks that cause weight gain. I used to love to eat a muffin for breakfast, pastries during any occasion and of course dessert after dinner but that all changed.

Living the vegan lifestyle is also more sustainable for the earth. Less animals are used in the process so less waste, energy and forests being chopped down in order to eat chicken or beef. Thus there are many reasons that I switched my lifestyle and mindset altogether, which is to feel better, help the planet in any way I can and avoid foods that cause weight gain. 

Disclaimer: being a vegan does not mean never eating ice cream, cookies, desserts or Cheetos since they created all of these options in a vegan version and thanks to Whole Foods I can purchase some of my favorite treats.

If you are contemplating becoming a vegan or not, try it for a month and see if it’s something you like and want for yourself. You must treat it like a lifestyle versus a diet. Since diets never last forever, but for a short period of time. Tell me your struggles and achievements. Do you love being a vegan? 

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