Francis Sango and Catherine Liss, Co-founders of Rezort Collection

Hi! Welcome! We're Francis Sango and Catherine Liss, of Rezort Collection, two women with passion and ambition for style and business.  Established in 2020, Rezort Collection was born amidst the pandemic, but its vision is timeless; empowering women to build a legacy of confidence through self-love. Our brand and core belief is:

 "when you feel good, you do good"

 and Rezort Collection aims to help you feel good by enhancing a contemporary lifestyle with meaningful pieces and enlightened basics. Like you, we’ve been frustrated by the limited choices of comfortable yet elegant and stylish clothes that look effortlessly sexy. We think of our designs as little stepping stones of positivity, inspiring that self-confidence to help you journey across the rushing waters of the day. We also want to share in a greater sense of gratitude toward the world and all its gifts by conducting socially-conscious business, remaining mindful of our blessings, and always seeking to uplift others. Every one of us has a story to tell, and we want to share ours with you, while helping you create your own unique story to share with the world.


Francis Sango, Co-founder of Rezort Collection

Francis Sango

I draw inspiration from the attitude women embody when we feel good in what we wear. My extensive knowledge, experience and admiration for luxury fashion has made me an industry leader but after more than 20 years of experience working for other luxury fashion houses, I’m now moving to make my own mark as we enter this new paradigm of endless possibilities. Part of feeling good about what you wear is knowing your purchase will help contribute to a cause much bigger than our desired wardrobe. We want our clothes to help you take on the world AND leave it a little bit better than it was. Fashion has the ability to give us incredible moments of fantasy.  So dream big dreams, never stop playing make-believe and don’t forget what your mama told you, it’s not about the clothes themselves; it’s about how you wear them that matters most.


Catherine Liss, Co-founder of Rezort Collection

Catherine Liss

Since I was a teenager, I’ve always wanted to start a business. I’ve just been waiting for what I thought was the perfect time. But one thing I’ve learned is there is never going to be a perfect time,  but you can have a perfect idea. After years of fashion design school, graduating from LIM College in Fashion Management, getting my MBA while focusing on Organizational Behavior and four years working as a buyer in the fashion industry, I’ve sharpened skills, gathered resources, and created connections. I live by the professional mantra “love what you do" and Rezort Collection is the result of lots of love and lots of hard work. Yet we are constantly evolving. A business in the fashion industry that can offer more than just clothes and accessories, but the feeling of being part of a community that's giving back and growing together isn't just a perfect idea, it's a necessary next step. Becoming an entrepreneur was always my dream and now, because of you, it’s real, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be on this journey with you.


Creating versatile, refined, and oh-so-comfortable clothing for the ambitious dreamer.  Our core pieces and collection express the mix-and-match, multi-functional needs of the modern  go-getter without sacrificing philanthropic goals or personal style.The name ‘REZORT’ seeks to parallel this image with a multi-functional modular/interchangeable, sustainable approach  to dressing.  With every item sold, the brand will apply a degree of funds to philanthropic causes related to those in dire  economic straits. 

To be at REZORT is to live your life on your terms. Do what makes you feel good—physically, emotionally, and  spiritually. Wear the clothes that make you feel confident, sexy  and powerful. This is your life, your journey—We are committed to building and enhancing your contemporary lifestyle with pieces to be worn using your own personal expression.


  • Shqipe Malushi

    I knew Frances since she was a child, and watching her grow up always amazed me that she knew since early age what she wanted to be. Her journey into a business woman encompasses many journeys of womanhood, motherhood,professionalism etc. She is one of the most dedicated woman to her dream. I know she will rise and thrive making every woman feel good and feel beautiful. Because France’s dream was always to find beauty in everything and everyone. I believe that she will make it happen for all of us!
    With love Shqipe

  • Francis H Walsh Jr

    I am so enthused and excited looking forward to the daily growth of these two dynamic women, of whom I know very well as one being my daughter, they both have so much in common sort of like Faith in all they do, Helping others and making a difference in what they see and believe in, Our Beautiful World, Iron willed determination and the extreme love for fashion, They are as sisters looking at a bright successful future, there minds are as artistic designers , each idea each product has a true story within, and a hot feeling of satisfaction to fly !
    Ana & Francis Walsh

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