When pandemic shutdowns started, a lot of us thought it would mean we could finally complete those tasks that we don’t usually have time for between social events, family obligations and commuting. But somehow, it can feel even harder to motivate yourself when there’s nothing going on. A few minutes on the couch can turn into all-night binge-watching -- especially since Netflix automatically plays the next episode. 

The time you spend watching “Emily in Paris” or mindlessly scrolling Instagram could be used to work out, write a blog post, catch up with an old friend, run an errand or spend time with your family. Here are some ways to reclaim your time and become more productive.

  • Set social media boundaries: Limit the amount of time you spend on social media apps. Apple even has a built-in way to lock apps after you have used them for the amount of time you set for the day. 
  • Focus on one task at a time: A big long to-do list may look daunting. But break it down into smaller goals. Maybe even try setting just one goal per day in a few categories like personal, home and career. 
  • Put your phone away: Even if we want to believe we have the self-control to not look at our phones when they are sitting right next to us, that’s probably not the case. Set your phone in another room or tuck it in a drawer for just an hour while you chip away at your to-do list or even just read a book.
  • Get off the couch: Sure, it’s comfy to sit on the couch, but it’s hard to get things done there. You’ll be more efficient if you’re fully awake and in a more professional posture. 
  • Remove the stress from the situation: Set goals with the intention of reaching them -- but don’t worry if they don’t get done on the timeline you intended. This is about making the most of your time and any step toward that is worth celebrating.
  • Start NOW: When you think of a task you need to get done, you may be tempted to tell yourself, “I’ll get to that tomorrow.” But push yourself to just do it now. Maybe you don’t have enough time to finish it or it would be easier to put it off -- but you’ll feel better getting started.

Every minute you can spend knocking tasks off your to-do list or working toward your goals is time well-spent -- whether you are working out, reading a book, completing a DIY project or painting your house. Don’t delay and don’t give excuses, because there’s nothing like making progress. 

So, how will you spend your Sunday?

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