I would say that my first gig at Gucci went pretty well, considering I worked there for the next 10 years -- working my way up from wholesale clerical to senior account executive. My first role wasn’t perfect, but it paid the bills and allowed me to say I worked for a fashion company. Tom Ford was appointed Fashion Director or some super important title in the first few years I worked there, so everything everywhere seemed as though it was on the brink of shifting. 

I worked hard in Inventory Control and continued to dream BIG dreams. Once a quarter, we visited Gucci’s New York showroom where I longed to work. And eventually I got to. After many years of hard work and dedication, as Gucci grew, I grew. Eventually, I worked my way up to other luxury fashion houses and fancy titles like Vice President and Senior Vice President that I could have never even imagined in my Escada days. I traveled to Milan eight times a year for men's and women's fashion weeks, in addition to domestic travel throughout the year. 

Not only did I lead a team in the office but I was leading a team at home now too. After marriage, a house, a dog and three kids on top of my fashion career, I was keeping all balls in the air despite the grind (I think I subconsciously love the grind). As my family grew, so did my children's needs and they needed me at home more often. After much debate, I decided to shelf that career and go into consulting. I have been consulting for the past 3 years, which has allowed me the flexibility I need to be more available for my family. But when COVID hit last year, my life’s true desire to make people look and feel beautiful became even more obvious as the world around me seemed so dark. 

Together with my colleague, friend and now-business partner, Catherine, we decided to launch our own brand: Rezort Collection - First collection drop is expected July 1st 2021. The overwhelming fire I have in my soul to create a brand that is inspired by my roots of loving to make everyone feel a moment of fantasy has never changed. I still wish to make others feel beautiful, aesthetically and inside themselves. I feel that fate and serendipity are at work to allow me to embark on this journey: the young girl from NJ Bridge and Tunnel starting her own brand. 

I hope and pray you love the product we have developed for you.  It is certainly more than just apparel -- it is an emotion you feel while wearing our clothes, BEAUTIFUL in every way. When you feel good, you do good. Giving back and sharing our success will forever be a part of Rezort’s DNA.  Know, with every purchase we will help service the underprivileged and less fortunate.

Until next time,

Francis AKA Francy Sango

Co-Founder Rezort Collection

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    Can’t wait for Part IV!!!! Love you !

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