Hot Girl Summer Morning Routine

How to achieve that morning routine that everyone displays on Tick Tok and Instagram.

They wake up at 5am, spend a hour mediating, drinking lemon water and working out all before the rest of the world wakes up and of course do not forget making the BED. They make it look so easy right? You say to yourself I have a hard time waking up at 8am nonetheless three hours earlier than that! 

It all starts with slow change nothing happens overnight. Also, adapting your mindset to shift to positive vibes for waking up earlier than you are used to is crucial.

Mind over matter, your mind is the strongest muscle in your body. You are capable of more than you realize. You must convince your mind that you can do it!

Your brain can easily take over and start to convince your body that you cannot do it or start to worry more than you need to. When working out and the instructor is pushing you harder than you think can push yourself, let’s say holding a 90 second plank in a Classic Pure Barre class. My mind starts to tell my body, I cannot complete this task, but instead of giving up and falling to the ground I push myself hard to finish the full 90 seconds. This is also considered will power.

Mind over matter is using your brain to control a physical consideration or solving a problem. Therefore, when you are tired and rather go back to sleep, push yourself to wake up 20 minutes earlier each week, move slow. Any lifestyle change take 21 days for it to become a habit and part of your life.

First layout what your morning routine looks like. Do you want to wake up early, workout in the morning, drink green juice, read more books or mediate for the first time? After establishing what you want to change or add to your morning routine set it as a new intention in your mind.

I slowly changed my morning routine, which is still evolving each week or every couple of weeks. Currently I wake up at 6:30am throw my workout clothes on, drive to a Pure Barre class while listening to my favorite podcast Women in Retail Talks, take a 50min barre class. Most days I take the classic class then three times a week I take a cardio class.

After class I pick up my coffee and green juice unless I purchase it at Wholefoods beforehand during my grocery shopping. Once I am home I change out my workout clothes and get ready to start my day. My goals are to add time to mediate and journal as well as drink more lemon water in the morning!

This summer is your summer to shine, focus on yourself and add better habits to your routine. 

Staying tune for How to Remove Bad Habits From Your Life.


Catherine Liss 

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