Dreaming Bigger Dreams

What does dreaming bigger dreams mean? I can’t speak for others, but I know what it means to me. Growing up, I was always a big dreamer (still am).  In fact, I not only believed in them - I fully relied on them. I was raised by a single mother who worked and wasn’t around much. So, like many of my fellow Gen X-ers (those born between 1965 and 1980), I spent untold hours alone in my small apartment, fending for myself with only a few TV channels, living off of Chips Ahoy, mac and cheese and the occasional interaction with my neighbor down the hall. Today’s kids are used to feeling like they are everywhere and know everything because of social media. But for me, social isolation was not just tolerable, it was a time to be pragmatic, independent and resourceful. In those moments alone, I dreamt of living a little better than what my current circumstances were -- having happily married parents, a house, a car, siblings as constant playmates, lots of toys (especially Barbies), nicer clothes, and family vacations.  

For some, dreaming bigger dreams are related to more environmental aspects of life - For others, dreaming bigger dreams might be associated with material things, like becoming a millionaire, buying a bigger home, owning fancy cars. And there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, dreams are free. There are no barriers, no judgment -- dreams allow for sweet moments of fantasy.  Dreaming big also requires a mindful imagination as well as finding meaning.  The best part of dreaming bigger dreams is the ability to orbit yourself in imagining/visualizing that lifestyle. Allowing yourself to feel what that dream truly feels like. Is what you picture authentic? Does it give you personal satisfaction to create something from nothing, provide for your family, give back to the community, make a difference in society, or simply allow you to live life on your terms? Rockstar status could be fun too!

Most of my dreams now have to do with the person I want to be. Believe it or not, knowing who I am can still be difficult. Try asking yourself, who am I? Not what you do, but who you are -- and who you want to be. I dream of being someone with self confidence who loves unconditionally, feels inner peace, behaves with kindness, demonstrates compassion, lives with gratitude, laughs often, worries less, has an open mind, forgives, trusts that everything is temporary, and knows that God ALWAYS has my back. I dream about the life I want to lead -- to not only serve myself the energy I demand from the universe but to serve all. I dream of respecting the only body I have by nourishing it with good food and loving it for what it is capable of, like birthing three amazing children. Mayyyyyybeeee, mixed in with all that big stuff, I might also dream of being independently wealthy, spear heading charitable foundations, traveling the world with family and friends on private jets and yachting in the Mediterranean with many extravagant accommodations & staff to top off. But truthfully, when I go down that lane of big dreams, it leaves me feeling a bit unfulfilled. So, I prefer to pursue dreaming bigger dreams of being successful in my career too, enabling me to be a resource and responsible for bringing happiness and joy to others through my creativity, knowledge, experience and expertise!  

Now, I know the aforementioned might sound more like goals rather than dreams, but dreams are the cousin (a thing related or analogous to another) to goals. Throughout life, the pattern of dreams and aspirations can change -- especially when all you once had were your dreams and suddenly they become your reality. This HAS happened for me on some occasions.  Today I can say I have been married for over 20 years -- to my high school sweetheart, in fact -- I live in a house, have two cars, have three incredible children, and I get to go on wonderful family vacations. And now I even strive to eat a little better than Chips Ahoy and mac and cheese (wink, wink). Some of those dreams coming true leaves me to pursue dreaming bigger dreams, because I just might surprise myself again!

 How do you Dream Bigger Dreams?

"A dream is a wish your heart makes,

Francis Sango

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