Break Bad Habits Today

Do you spend hours scrolling on Instagram or Tick Tock? Eating chips on a couch while watching Netflix late at night? Drinking too much alcohol on the weekend? Continuing to swear in front of little kids?

Break habits, Build Discipline. 

Breaking your bad habits will set you free and direct you on the right track to be successful. Stop telling yourself I will work on that tomorrow, next week or the following month, start today!

The New Year motivates everyone to change their bad habits in exchange for new resolutions, most lasting 2-4 weeks after January 1. People sign up for workouts, diets, and dry January. What would happen if those new habits would extend beyond January 31?

Happiness does not exist within your phone therefore every time you receive a 10-15 minute break from work STOP scrolling through Instagram and Tick Tock, but instead take that time to learn something yourself, loved ones or your co-workers. Begin to break the habits of spending every available minute on social media and start to build your legacy. For example, when standing in line for your Starbucks coffee take those 5 minutes to look around and observe the world around you, another option is to focus on deep breathing in order to prepare the mind for productive activity.

It is 10pm and you are watching TV on your couch, then your stomach grumbles as if you did not eat your dinner. Grabbing for the Lays, Cheetos, or Fritos sounds like a great idea until you cannot fall asleep later on. Late night snacking is a terrible habit because it causes more weight gain than people know since the carbs store in your gut. Also, it’s best that your body has hours to digest your food before going to bed. The sugar within these snacks keep you up at night. A way to break this bad habit is to go to bed early or fight these urgencies to eat snacks late at night. Having a disciplined evening routine will benefit you in the future, especially when waking up in the morning. You feel more refreshed and not so bogged down.

Drinking can be a fun activity until it’s not. The extra calories and sugar intake can make or break the weight loss plan. In order to break this habit of drinking too often, try to designate certain days to drink or on special events/ holidays. Your body will repay you for cutting down the overall intake of alcohol. The pros are waking up more refreshed, not hungover, more alert and healthier. Many people struggle with this habit, but take one day at a time.
Break habits, build legacies.

Overall, breaking old habits can be scary, but I promise the outcome outweighs the cons of changing.
Until next time..

Catherine Liss 

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