5 Daily Rituals to Attract Wealth



Attracting wealth into your life can be done using these five daily rituals. Commit to one or two daily rituals and the changes will start to happen. Perhaps you want to save money or pay down your debt. Well, start with these rituals and WITNESS the change. 



Setting intentions is allowing the mind to plan what is intended to accomplish and the actions that are needed to either move up or move on through one’s journey. Your focus is in the moment thus what do you do and why do you do it? The power of intention is allowing the activation of part of your receptivity. Being able to call and attract while manifesting the life you want. Then, once you have the intention in your mind it is time to announce it to the universe. Thus, if your intention is to save money this month or pay down more of your debt then manifest it and set it as your intention. 



Show up for yourself. Even though you might be working from home, it is important to dress the part and wear REAL clothes. I find that when I dress up,  in a new dress with some heels, I grow confidence and feel that I can take on the world. Also, people will take you more seriously when you put yourself together. A great example would be pairing a wide leg pant with a refined, classy tee shirt, comfortable, but elegant. 



Being able to wake up early is especially important for attracting wealth. It gives you the time before everyone else wakes up to get things done! Either working on your side hustle, writing your blog, working out, mediating, or learning a new language. Waking up early allows you to be more productive during the day and by the time it is ready for bedtime, you will be able to sleep better throughout the night. 



Divide your income into three parts: investments OR high-yielding savings account, expenses, and spending money. You work hard so you can earn money to spend on things you want. Being able to divide your income to be placed into either a 401K, Roth, or Stock Market, while also contributing to a specific savings account that is meant for a vacation, new car, or house is very important. Check to see if you employer offers a 401K matching and at least contribute that amount into the 401K since you will grow your retirement fund much faster that way. Then, of course setting some money aside for you to spend whether on Starbucks coffee or Gucci loafers. Plan your budget for your expenses, savings, retirement funds, while leaving room for spending money or whatever you want. 




Dream, imagine and draw out the life you want to live. First think and dream of the car, house, job or wardrobe you want. Think about it often. Vision yourself in the life you want. Then, see yourself how you want to be. Start to believe you already have the lifestyle you desire. Finally, change and start to review the moves that will allow you to be one step closer to your dream. Strengthen your dream everyday while staying true to your vision. 


Most likely it will take time to add each ritual into your daily life, but one step in the right direction is better than spending all of the money you make or living paycheck to paycheck. Overall, ensuring you are growing your net worth with multiple streams of income since more is always better. 


Until next time 


-Catherine Liss 

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